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Loser, Mama Boy. By Cindy from Dallas, Texas

My mom set me up with a blind date with her friend’s son who was his late 30s after she nagged me day and night about it. Date night comes, and OMG, I do not from which universe this guy came from that the mama’s boy ACTUALLY BROUGHT HIS MOM???!!! I thought these things only happened in the movies or on TV but I had to sit through a whole hour of being interrogated by his mom ^%&^$#@ –WHERE do you live?…WHAT does your family do?…HOW is your job? Finally, I just couldn’t take it any more. I stood up, and gave the mom a piece of my mind, “Hey mom, it was supposed to be a date with your son, not you. I have had enough of your never ending questions”. And of course, the son deserved some of that too, so I told him, “Loser. Mama boy”. And then I took off. Life’s just too short.

I always thought I was a gentleman, but… by Cudo from Miami, Florida

I’ve known Vanessa for over a 3 years now. We’ve recently started feeling this attractive energy between us so I finally put together all my courage to ask Vanessa out on an official date. Before I could say anything else, Vanessa picked out Outback Steakhouse for lunch. My mom raised me to always be the gentleman and pick up the tab on date, but I only had $50, but I was just lunch so I thought –how bad can it be. And just to be on the sure side, I had ordered the cheapest thing on the menu -$10 pasta. Vanessa on the other hand, who seemed to be what I thought was a classy girl had quite the appetite —she kept ordering and ordering and ordering: steak + pasta + 2 appetizers + dessert + drink….and she’s only 100 lbs!!! The bill rang out to $150. So the math obviously shows I don’t have enough money on me and I had to ask Vanessa to pay for our 1st official date.

My Kiss Got Stolen by Fiona of Los Angeles, California

My bff and I went on a double with a guy that I find really cute and his friend. We decide to go to the beach at night. I was hoping to steal a private moment with the cute guy to stroll across the part where the water and sand meet and kiss this cute guy that I just have a really hard crush on. But before we could reach my romantic ending, the guys left us to go to their car since the friend said he forgot his cell phone in the car. But 20mins passed by and we didn’t hear back from them, so me and bff went to look for them. We spent a good 15mins looking around only to find the cute guy ‘making out’ with another girl. I didn’t know what got into me, but I went up to that girl and slapped her and we just went at it. The two guys broke the fight and just took off without explaining their rude behavior….

Just say NO by Jennifer from Itta Bena, Mississipi

I was dating this guy from my high school for more than a year, then I moved to Boston for college. One week before Valentine’s day, he decides to pop-in. Things seemed okay at first but I just felt that my heart has moved on so I laid my feelings out to him the day before V-day. But since he said V-day was already planned out, I compromised to go along and things just went more downhill from there. We went to a fine dining restaurant but didn’t speak a word to each other that night. It was very stupid of me, should have just said NO.