Themes & Colors

Creating something from a blank is most difficult, which is why it is always
best to go with what you/your client likes -favorite colors, childhood
heroes/heroines, happy times, etc. And once you have identified what you love
the most, you can start crafting a look, or even go as much as, orchestrating an
experience that either aims to please…to excite….to exude
sophistication….to mesmerize…or whichever emotions you want yourself to feel
when you enter the event and how you want to shape your guests’ experience to be
(…of course you have to consider budgetary limits as well).

As an event planner, you are the master artist. It all begins, climaxes and
ends with your vision and you script. And even though your masterpiece work will
eventually be taken down, it will remain immortal not only in photographs and
portfolios, but also in people’s hearts and minds because you have poured your

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