to be honest with you, I hate…

I remember one date I had with Sam. We had been officially girlfriend and boyfriend for only two weeks and I saw him trying so hard in everything just to please me. On the eve of the 2nd week, my beloved Sam brought us to a fancy seafood restaurant. But as soon as we exited the car, he popped open his trunk that had the most beautiful dozen large roses and gave them to me. I proudly carried these roses into the restaurant, and Sam tried so hard to be very gentlemanly. We were already eating our orders, but I just felt Sam was so stiff for everything to go perfect and not being himself so I said to him, “to be honest with you, I hate this dinner because I do not like seafood”. Long story short, we switched to McDonalds and I actually had a much better with Sam who was now being more himself and more the guy I fell in love with.

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