That Moment

Great Times or Disasterous Moments, there will always be that ONE MOMENT that makes or breaks a relationship. Some partnerships are truly made in heaven, while some fizzle because you realize you're with that wrong person. Share with us That Moment in your life that made the difference towards Happily Ever Afer....From that moment you knew...

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Mickey Mouse Failed Me :(

I’ve been dating Angela for 2 years, I would think that I knew what she wants. I had want to get her an anniversary present that you can’t get anywhere else and how she brought magic and happiness into my life. I looked everywhere and spent a lot of thinking time, but I decided that Mickey Mouse Shoes will be it since she loves to watch Disney. It wasn’t cheap and I had to call a lot of people before I finally got it. But when I finally showed it to Angela, she turned angry because she said she’d rather get a nice purse than a pair of shoes she cannot and will not wear. She then threw the shoes on the floor and left…and that’s how we broke up. Sigh.

to be honest with you, I hate…

I remember one date I had with Sam. We had been officially girlfriend and boyfriend for only two weeks and I saw him trying so hard in everything just to please me. On the eve of the 2nd week, my beloved Sam brought us to a fancy seafood restaurant. But as soon as we exited the car, he popped open his trunk that had the most beautiful dozen large roses and gave them to me. I proudly carried these roses into the restaurant, and Sam tried so hard to be very gentlemanly. We were already eating our orders, but I just felt Sam was so stiff for everything to go perfect and not being himself so I said to him, “to be honest with you, I hate this dinner because I do not like seafood”. Long story short, we switched to McDonalds and I actually had a much better with Sam who was now being more himself and more the guy I fell in love with.

When I shook her hands, I just wouldn’t let go…

I thought it was going to be just another Sweet 16 Party for one of my many cousins. As a guy, I never got a celebration for entering my manhood. I like the idea of good food and seeing friends and relatives, but c’mon, there’s even a rehearsal party for these things??? To my surprise, that’s when my magic moment happened…that’s when I met Amanda, my cousin’s friend. When I shook her hands, I just wouldn’t let go –it was totally LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! And, to make matters worse, I was speechless and couldn’t muster the courage to talk to her during the entire rehearsal. And at the Sweet 16 Party, it was even Amanda who walked up to me and asked me to dance with her. And a few days later, Amanda called me and we started dating for 4 years then I married such an amazing woman! So I say to all fellow out there, no matter how silly any social event may be to your machismo, the one for you may possibly be there, so you have to put in the time to find your own Amanda.