I always thought I was a gentleman, but… by Cudo from Miami, Florida

I’ve known Vanessa for over a 3 years now. We’ve recently started feeling this attractive energy between us so I finally put together all my courage to ask Vanessa out on an official date. Before I could say anything else, Vanessa picked out Outback Steakhouse for lunch. My mom raised me to always be the gentleman and pick up the tab on date, but I only had $50, but I was just lunch so I thought –how bad can it be. And just to be on the sure side, I had ordered the cheapest thing on the menu -$10 pasta. Vanessa on the other hand, who seemed to be what I thought was a classy girl had quite the appetite —she kept ordering and ordering and ordering: steak + pasta + 2 appetizers + dessert + drink….and she’s only 100 lbs!!! The bill rang out to $150. So the math obviously shows I don’t have enough money on me and I had to ask Vanessa to pay for our 1st official date.