Loser, Mama Boy. By Cindy from Dallas, Texas

My mom set me up with a blind date with her friend’s son who was his late 30s after she nagged me day and night about it. Date night comes, and OMG, I do not from which universe this guy came from that the mama’s boy ACTUALLY BROUGHT HIS MOM???!!! I thought these things only happened in the movies or on TV but I had to sit through a whole hour of being interrogated by his mom ^%&^$#@ –WHERE do you live?…WHAT does your family do?…HOW is your job? Finally, I just couldn’t take it any more. I stood up, and gave the mom a piece of my mind, “Hey mom, it was supposed to be a date with your son, not you. I have had enough of your never ending questions”. And of course, the son deserved some of that too, so I told him, “Loser. Mama boy”. And then I took off. Life’s just too short.

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